Best Money Makers: Sex&Crime

by Alnico Lafo

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Read about the income sharing incentive scheme in the free opening pages … Sex and money are two normal entities in everybody’s life. You cannot go without it … many have tried but was unsuccessful. You can withhold yourself from practising of sex but you cannot withdraw you from the fact that you were created by a sex act. The sex word was prohibited to use in many families till not long ago, however the sex act was used to make money within a world of laws against it and it is in that time, part 1 of this story originates from. Sex because of that became a crime and it forms the basis on which this story is built. Sex and crime is the money makers and plays off within a total system of crime and is controlled, abuse and manipulate by criminals. Unfortunately one country legalised this crime and soon all other countries follows the same path and one of them became the leader. Sex, previously a crime became now a legal export commodity and leads the world as the best money making product ever exists. The legalizing of this crime polluted the world within every existence thereof and was intricately interwoven of our innermost nature. It became the main buyer of human dignity and exposed it unashamedly. It is the main cause of human trafficking and the methods used by pedophiles. It is the learning school of future rapists. It is the main cause of immoral decay. It became an act of rape. It walks hand in hand with drug use and smuggling. It destroys more people and their families as World War1 and -2. It cost millions less to make a film of it as of the two World Wars and makes billions more at the box-office. The worst of all … it is legalised and we nurtured it with our money. We learn and educate the youth in using it. We put it in the hands of the underage and they become the agents of this filthy war. We give the youth grants for every multiply result. We show it to the world from all different angles … we love it, the pedophiles use it and for the rapist it is up for grabs. The innocent men, women and children are the victims, however only one party out of the three are to blame or punish unfairly … the men. It is a women’s sexual power play and only women can stop this filthy war.

Best Money Makers: Sex&Crime Alnico Lafo
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